EGZOClinic Release (ver. 0.11.0)

Another new software update to version 0.11.0 is available for Sidra LEG / Meissa OT robotic devices.

To update your device’s software, connect the device to the Internet and click on the notification regarding the new software version. The application will guide you through the update process.

1. Bidirectional electrostimulation

Added the possibility of electrostimulation in two directions of movement. From now on, you can define separate electrostimulation parameters and generate an EMG trigger in opposite directions of movement.

2. Ability to change game settings

From now on you can change parameters during playing rehabilitation game. To access the settings, click the gear icon during the game.

3. Added database import/export possibility

We have added the ability to import/export the database to a pendrive. Option is available in the system settings menu. To start exporting the database, you need an EGZOTech pendrive.

4. The extension connection screen suggests which extension is correct

From now on, the extension connection screen of Meissa OT devices will provide more detailed information about which extension is required to perform the exercise.

5. Meissa OT have more speed setting options

Meissa OT has now more options for setting the movement speed, allowing movement at slower speeds.

6. Minor bugs / user interface / translations fixes
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