Luna EMG: automated, robot-assisted rehabilitation

Active training, even for very weak patients.
Sidra LEG: robotic rehabilitation for lower limbs
Robotic devices in the service of faster, easier and more efficient neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation
Meissa OT: robot-assisted rehabilitation for upper limbs and hands
Mobile upper body rehabilitation robot
Stella BIO: Electromyography & Electrical Stimulation
Easy & fun functional therapy with world's the most sensitive EMG and FES

Empowering Physiotherapy

Revolution in neurorehabilitation and orthopaedic therapy

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We believe our products are great because we have great and valuable customers to cooperate with!

We always want to know more than we knew yesterday. Whether it’s a technical or medical problem, when we approach it, we want to have knowledge down to the smallest details. The same applies to understanding our customers.

We believe that our products are great because we have great and valuable customers to cooperate with!

Dr. Michael Mikulski

Why EGZOTech?

Our goal is to become the top brand in the field of rehabilitation worldwide!

01. Innovative Technology

We utilize state-of-the-art technological solutions in the production of rehabilitation robots.

02. Market Adaptability

We adapt our products to meet various market requirements and customer segments.

03. Flexibility

EGZOTech’s rehabilitation robots are flexible and can be adjusted to different patients and therapeutic protocols.

04. Personalization

Our robots offer personalized therapy sessions that cater to individual patient needs.

05. Technical Support

We provide comprehensive technical support for our customers.

06. Clinical Research

We conduct clinical research to confirm the effectiveness of our rehabilitation robots.

Our Clients

We love to work with clients to develop unique, innovative way to help people.

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