EGZOClinic Release (ver 0.10.0)

New software update to version 0.10.0 is available for Sidra LEG / Meissa OT devices.

To update your device’s software, connect the device to the Internet and click on the notification regarding the new software version. The application will guide you through the update process.

1. Rehabilitation game – Cosmic Mission

A new rehabilitation game has been added – Cosmic Mission. The aim of the game is to complete the space route while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game is available on Sidra LEG and Meissa OT devices.

2. Basic report analysis

From now on EMG graphs in reports include a table with the basic signal parameters:

3. New exercise for Meissa OT – CAM Turn Key

A new exercise has been added for the Meissa OT device – CAM Turn Key. The exercise is only available for the pinchmeter extension. It involves performing an exercise similar to CAM isokinetic, with the difference that the movement is only possible after pressing the force sensor placed in the extension.

4. Protection against spasticity (Sidra LEG)

Spasticity protection has been added for the Sidra LEG device. In CPM exercises, when a large force is detected in the direction opposite to the movement of the device, the exercise will stop. The level of force at which the protection will work can be changed in the exercise settings.

5. Setting the device head screen (Meissa OT)

In the Meissa OT device, during device calibration, a screen will appear informing you that the appropriate head orientation has been set. In the case of a repeated exercise, the screen will also remind you of the user’s previous settings.

6. Minor bug / UI / translations fixes
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