Orthopedic Game (Bubbles)

From the list of exercises choose “Orthopedic games” – those are games where the extension plays the role of the controller. Press the “Settings” button. Carry out the unweighting procedure and set/confirm the range of motion.  In the “Training information” tab you can put the patient’s position and muscles connected through EMG (if any) or select it from the list. In the “Orthopedic games” tab you can choose eg. Bubbles Game out of available games. If the device is not connected to the internet, two games will appear here: “Bubbles” and “Space Shooter“.

After connecting to the internet you will have access to the game “Burger Mania” or other games purchased in the future.

Click the “Bubbles game” icon, choose the game level.

Specific Level – a simpler level, balls arranged in colors

Random level – harder level, balls are placed randomly

Click “START“. The patient’s task is to collect a minimum of 3 balls of the same color. To change the position of the arrow, the patient moves the extension. “To fire”, stop in place and wait for the green bar around the ball to load. You can finish the training, before the end of the exercise, by pressing the pause button at the right side of a screen and then the “x” button.

The game allows you to train both motor and cognitive skills.

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