The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton is for individuals with spinal cord injury who want to experience the benefits of regular functional ambulation at home and in their community

The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton

What is the ReWalk Personal 6.0 Exoskeleton?

The ReWalk Personal 6.0 Exoskeleton is the latest edition of our industry disrupting technology, enabling people around the world access to standing, walking and stair/curb navigation in their homes and communities after spinal cord injury.

The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton is configured specifically to your body to optimize safety, function and comfort. The battery-powered system features a wearable exoskeleton that bears its own weight. Motors at the hip and knee joints and adjustable ankle joints allow users to walk with a natural gait pattern and ReWalkers control the movement of their exoskeleton using buttons worn on the wrist as well as subtle changes in their trunk motion during walking.

Repeated body shifting generates a sequence of steps which mimics a functional, natural gait. Highly customizable ankle joints and software settings allow clinicians to fine tune the gait pattern to be natural and efficient for each individual. The device also has the ability to navigate curbs and stairs using either the wrist-based controls or via buttons conveniently located on the hips.

Help After Spinal Cord Injury

How the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton Can Help After Spinal Cord Injury?

After spinal cord injury, regaining as much independent mobility as possible is the top priority; the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton is revolutionary in its ability to accomplish that goal. The immediate effects on mental health, social inclusion, and overall quality of life derived from being able to stand eye to eye with loved ones and business associates are undeniable.

The ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton allows wheelchair users to access the many aspects of home and the community that we tend to take for granted, including navigating stairs and curbs. Establishing a consistent, at-home functional ambulation program not only allows renewed access to upright functional mobility, but also has been shown to help mitigate the secondary complications associated with chronic spinal cord injury.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Bone Density2
  • Bowel and Bladder Function3
  • Pain Management4
  • Body Composition5
  • Cardiovascular Function6

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