Weight lifting

From the list of training choose the exercise ” Weight lifting”. This is training, where you can apply the resistance, as while lifting weights. Press the “Settings” button. Carry out the unweighting procedure and set/confirm the range of motion.  In the “Training information” tab you can put the patient’s position and muscles connected through EMG (if any) or select it from the list. In the ” Weight lifting” tab, select „Centre of gravity”. “Bottom” is a standard setting, where it is easier to make a move with the gravity and harder against the force of gravity. “Top” is the reverse setting.

EXAMPLE: if you choose “Top” for elbow training, it means the extensors of elbow extensors will have to work harder. 

You need to also put “Max. torque “value, which is the resistance that the patient needs to overcome. You can adjust the training time as well and click “START”. The graph shows, position of the extension, torque and muscle activity, if muscles were connected. You can finish the training, before the end of the exercise, by pressing the “x” button.

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