T&R training

From the list of training choose the “Reactive EMG T&R” exercise. It is an active exercise involving the activation of muscles, above a given threshold. It is not necessary to maintain muscle activity, because the extension will guide the movement till the end of the range of motion despite the muscle activity. Compared to the “T&H”, it is easier exercise to perform and often used, when you want to train movement initiation or the patient has not yet acquired the ability to maintain muscle activity.

Press the “Settings” button. Carry out the unweighting procedure and set/confirm the range of motion.  In the “Training information” tab put the patient’s position and muscles connected through EMG or select it from the list. In the “Reactive EMG T&R” tab, choose the EMG channel and the direction of the movement. Set training time, movement speed and maximum torque. Click “START“. Go to the calibration screen. Click “Start“. Ask the patient to try to make a move and activate the right muscle.

Click “Finish” calibration. You will jump automatically to the training screen. You can leave only EMG channels charts on the screen, so it is more readable for the patient. The patient must activate the right muscle, so the EMG activity will go over the threshold line. The patient doesn’t have to maintain the activation. When the patient relaxes, the extension goes back to the starting position. It is an active movement, supported by the device.

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