From the Reactive EMG T&H screen, select the two channels to work. The channels should be properly attached to the muscles you want to train.

Select “RELAXATION mode” and decide which channel is for “Relax” and which for “Contraction”. Choose the direction of the movement for the “Contraction” channel.  Click “START”. Go to the calibration screen. Click “START”: Ask the patient to try to make a move that activates the right muscle (for both channels). Press “Finish Calibration”.You will jump automatically to the training screen. You can leave only EMG channels charts on the screen, so it is more readable for the patient.

The patient must activate the muscle which was assigned as “Contraction”, so the EMG activity will go over the threshold line and maintain this activation until the end of set ROM. At the same time, the EMG activity of muscle assigned for “Relax” must be below the threshold line. Both of these conditions must be met throughout the entire movement. 

*Those settings apply also for “Trigger and Release” exercise – with the exception that the activation requirements need to be met at the beginning of the movement, but do not have to be maintained throughout the whole ROM.

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