Progressive CPM

From the list of training choose the exercise “Progressive CPM” – it is a passive exercise, where the range of motion will gradually increase until reaching the set ROM value. 

Press the “Settings” button. Carry out the unweighting procedure and set/confirm the range of motion.  In the “Training information” tab you can put the patient’s position and muscles connected through EMG (if any) or select it from the list.

In the tab “Progressive CPM” you can adjust: time, speed of the passive movement, max. torque, angle increment (by the number of degrees), through a set number of repetitions. You can set a pause at the beginning and at the end of the range of motion. Press the “START” button. The graph will show a gradual increase in the range of motion (blue line) and the moment (orange line) , which is the resistance generated by the patient. 

If the patient generates no resistance, the orange line will be flat. You can finish the training, before the end of the exercise, by pressing the “x” button.

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