EMG biofeedback

From the list of training choose the “EMG biofeedback” exercise. It is an active exercise where the goal is to activate the muscle for a set amount of time to enable proper training of motor units – fast fatigable (FF) fast fatigable resistant (FR) and slow (S).

In the “Training information” tab, you can put a patient’s position and name the muscle, which is going to be trained, or select those from the list. In the last tab on the left, choose the EMG channel, which is going to be trained, the training time, the number of repetitions for each type of motor units.

Click “START“. Go to the calibration screen. Click “Start“. Ask the patient to activate the muscle. Click “Finish” calibration. You will jump automatically to the training screen. Here you can see icons for individual contraction times: 0.2 s – 3 s (FF motor units), 3 s – 120 s (FR units), 120 s – 300 s (S motor units) and the “threshold line” set at 40% of the max muscle activity achieved during calibration.

The patient receives a point for activating the muscle above the “trigger line” and staying above it for a given amount of time. Using the “Setting” button, you can turn off individual icons of different motor units times or change the number of repetitions (you can of course also set it at the very beginning in the “EMG biofeedback” tab).

The slider on the right can change the threshold value that the patient has to overcome. You can finish the training, before the end of the exercise, by pressing the “x” button.

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