Cleaning Rules

Material type How to clean it
Chassis (plastics, polyesters, metals, labels) Use wet cloth with not allergic alcohol based detergent and wipe the surface.
Extensions’ gel based accessories (armrests, covers, wraps, pads) Use wet cloth with not allergic, not irritating detergent and wipe.

If detached from the extension, they can be washed in the top rack of an automatic dishwasher, with heated drying turned off.

Do not put in a washing machine designed for clothes. Do not put in clothes dryer.

Cloth based accessories (straps, belts) Wash in a clothes washer.

For best cleaning experience we advise the use of a specialized medical equipment disinfection product that can handle both bacterial and viral contaminations. An example can be Amity International’s Virusolve+ products, both in a form of spray (excellent for extension grips) and wipes (excellent for chassis and metal parts). Please refer to your evangelist for pricing and availability.

While using Virusolve+ disinfection products always follow the guidelines for safety. Especially, if you are using Virusolve+ on elastomer materials like Luna’s grips, straps etc. always wash them under running water to prevent the product from staying on Luna for too long.

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