Isometric EMG game (Space Shooter)

From the list of exercises choose “Isometric EMG games” – these are games controlled by EMG activity. In the “Training information” tab, you can enter the patient’s position and the name of the muscle being trained, or select both items from the list.

In the last tab on the left, choose the game “Space Shooter”, one of the levels and EMG channel, which is connected to the trained muscle. Click “START“. o to the calibration screen. Click “Start“. Ask the patient to activate the muscle. Click “Finish” calibration.

You will jump automatically to the game screen. Control the spacecraft by activating and relaxing the muscle. The goal of the game is to collect stars, avoid asteroids or shoot aliens’ ships. You can finish the game before the time runs out by clicking the “Pause” button in the bottom right corner and then the “x” button.

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