Training with reactive EMG - T&H - forearm pronation/supination

The video shows an example of positioning and working with a patient using T&H reactive electromyography training for forearm supination.

To start training, place the electrodes on the forearm, on the brachioradialis muscle, side by side, as shown in the video. Place the reference electrode on the bone process, e.g. on the elbow. Perform unweigthing procedure, range of motion adjustment and calibration, see.

The patient must activate the muscle to be above the threshold line and maintain this activation until the extension reaches the end of the range of motion. When the patient relaxes, the extension will return to the beginning of the range of motion. It is an active movement supported by a robot.

Positioning electrodes for T&H and T&R training (see electrode placement):

  • for supination and pronation: brachioradialis

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