"Diagnostic Joint Position Sense"

From the list of exercises choose “Diagnostic Joint Position Sense” – it is a program for proprioception evaluation. Press the “Settings” button. Carry out the unweighting procedure and set/confirm the range of motion.  In the “Training information” tab you can put the patient’s position and muscles connected through EMG (if any) or select it from the list.

In the “Diagnostic Joint Position Sense” tab, select “Active Mode”. You can also adjust parameters such as: resting position; and parameters related to extension movement during the learning phase: Speed, torque or holding time in the position. Click “START”.

The patient should close his eyes. On the left side, set with the slider, position of the extension, which the patient needs to recreate later. Click “Accept position”. The extension will move to the resting position you’ve set, and then guide the patient’s limb to the set position. The extension will be kept there for a given time (e.g. 5 seconds), during this time the patient should focus on remembering the position. After a given time, the extension will return to its starting position.

Then the patient should return to the previously remembered position on his own. When a patient informs us that he thinks, he’s reached a previously learned position, click “Accept position”. You can repeat the test in different positions of an extension, setting it again with the slider on the left. The test can be finished by pressing the “x” button. On the final screen on the left, in the tab “Diagnostic Joint Position Sense” you can

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